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Casey Foley, Harry Clark, Mike Martin score parts... and boards!

    Photography by
  • Isaac Matz


As the sun sets on an icy Tuesday evening, a crowd begins to gather outside Melbourne eatery Juanita Peaches. Yes, they are here for free beer. Yes, they are here for free donuts and delicious little chicken things with pickles on them… But more importantly they are here to watch the premiere of 344: featuring Mike Martin, Harry Clark and Casey Foley. Aside from good times and a video well worth a massage of the refresh button The 4 Skateboard Co. also seized this opportunity to present these three talented humans with skateboards that bore their names upon the graphics. Yep, that’s right folks, these guys are pro!

What better way to celebrate than imbibing with friends and shredding with the boys?

Three for 4…

Geoff Campbell filmed it, Casey Foley, Mike Martin and Harry Clark shredded in it and Chris Middlebrook made it happen.

Winners are grinners…

“While on the streets I try to maintain…”

Could all patrons please ensure they have a firm grip on their invisible kittens.

Cold brew, pro model fresh off the press and watching Mike Martin’s part… Stoked!

Host with the most, food truck kingpin, Blank vandal and Donut don, Raph.

Fresh boards, fresh clips… Congratulations lads!

Thought they didn’t have a park?…

Alex Campbell, Back smith for Lewis

Casey Foley on that back D

Dean Johnston grinds where he probably shouldn’t 

Harry Clark, switch ollie

NikeSB Oz Squadron

That’s a wrap…