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IN BLOOM: Element x Callum Donoghue

Product testing with Dennis Durrant and Alex Lawton

    Photography by
  • Wade McLaughlin
    Videography by
  • Leigh Bolton

The boards are planted and grown at a top secret facility on the outskirts of Brisbane: Here, we’re lucky to glimpse two of the first to spring to life…

When I think of Artist Callum Donoghue: I recall chatting to him over cheap wine on a cold wintery Tasmanian evening. The setting was a violated couch in a share house that was Hobartian skate HQ at the time. His love and enthusiasm for skateboarding, drawing and the creative process in general was contagious. One minute he’d be getting all Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch about why Dustin Dollin had the best kickflips, the next he’d be searching through his mountain of sketch books to share a drawing he’d done while sitting at a bar in Thailand of a creepy fat man in a Bintang singlet walking hand in hand with a lady boy… Better yet, the ink was combination of beer and soy sauce!

Imagine my delight many moons later when I heard the news he’d teamed up with Element to combine all of these passions in the one place… Well, two places actually, or three if you count the T-Shirt. The fat man was replaced with lovely flowers and the soy sauce with tasteful inks. Even better, the same tasteful ink had scrawled the names ‘Lawton’ and ‘Durrant’: a trifecta of awesomnity if ever there was one…