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Love Park relics, the Lynx OG and the delicate balance of filming versus being filmed...

    Photography by
  • Mike Heikkila

Is it true you’ve spent years searching for pairs of the original Lynx on-line?

Yeah, I used to buy Lynx 2s in 2009 off eBay for so cheap. Like $40 when they would pop up. They got harder and harder to get over time. They were already hard to find but original Lynx were impossible to find. When Instagram started hashtags, I would search #dclynx and eventually people started posting their collections. A few DMs later I had my first pair of original Lynx

With so many shoes having come and gone over the years – what is the appeal, dare I say obsession with these in particular?

You can spot them from a mile away. In footage you can’t miss it. Also, when you put that shoe on, it sucks to your foot. It’s just perfect.

 How did the discussion of doing the Sabotage x DC Lynx OG begin?

It was something that was talked about for so long ago within our crew but never directly with DC. I didn’t think it was even an option until they started doing collabs. I talked back and forth with Jimmy Astleford about doing a shoe, then when it finally came time we we were shooting ideas back and forth. Once we got the colour on lock we got all the info over to Mike Kubota and he had us a sample in like 6 weeks. He pretty much nailed it first try.

 What was the inspiration for the colour-way?

 It was a colour-way I skated at LOVE in Sabotage 5. I think I got like 10 clips in that shoe. I even let Kevin Bilyeu skate them a few times. We both did good shit in that shoe. I switch varial heeled the 7 in them and he switch frontside flipped the bump to can in them. We changed a few things in the new one and added a stash pocket in the tongue.

 “You can spot them from a mile away. In footage you can’t miss it. Also, when you put that shoe on, it sucks to your foot. It’s just perfect”


 Regarding the DC x SABOTAGE edit that dropped last week, what was it like filming a whole video and trying to get clips for it at the same time?

It was so hard. At LOVE I would always go super early and try tricks before having to film all day. I can’t really skate myself after filming someone do a line for a few hours. There was also a lot of pressure if I was trying something. I knew if the filmer is being filmed then no one else is. If I didn’t land whatever I was trying then it was a waste of a day where someone else could have done something. Which would probably better than what I was trying. There were a few months where I gave it up and just filmed. That was the only option to make sure the video actually happened.

 How did the chance to session some of the Love Park relics come about?

The LOVE granite is stored a few miles from the art museum in Philly. It’s a city lot where they store stuff. Light poles, barriers and a bunch of other shit. I really wanted to get a trick there, but I forgot how it was laid out and you can’t really move those ledges, they are huge. Me and Kev went there a jumped the fence. He helped me move some tiles in front of the ledge and on the landing. I did a back nose grind on that, but I wanted more. There was a pile of ledges right after these big slabs that were the fountain levels. That’s our gap. But there’s only 20 feet of run up and a 10 inch space between each slab

 After a week of hunting for a bunch of huge signs we went back. We taped all the signs together and dragged them a mile down a closed road. But it still wasn’t enough run up. I went there in the middle of the night, stole some wood nearby and dragged that all over and built a roll in leaning against the fence. It was so much work. Then came time to actually skate it. It still wasn’t enough speed! Had to throw down so hard on the wood and instantly set-up while rollin’ over 4 soggy signs. It was hectic, but the 3 clips I got there mean more to me than anything else in my part.

 Shout out Ryan for starting Sabotage Productions and letting me jump on board.

Thank you DC, Sabotage gang (OG and the new kids), and anyone who sold me shoes from their collections in the past.

Love Park Forever.