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Palm Beach, scabs, pool hunting, beer...

    Photography by
  • Darren Kirby



Have you grown up in Palm Beach your entire life?

Pretty much, yeah. Went to school there and everything… Been here forever.

 It used to be a haven for dirt bags, now it seems like there’s a new coffee shop and hip roof top bar opening every other week…

 Yeah, it’s crazy how quickly all that happened.

 Looks like they’re tearing down a bunch of OG houses and replacing them with condos from what I saw last time I drove through there.

Oh, they’ve fucked the whole town massively in the space of maybe 4 or 5 years. I still like the place though, there’s still plenty of scumbags hanging around at the pub… They’ve just been pushed off the main street, that’s all.

 And by pub – you mean the infamous Palm Beach Hotel…

 Yeah, mate – The Palmy Hotel. 

You must have seen some wild times in that place…

 Fuck, there’ve been a couple of good ones. More recently Blakey getting in a blue with some Brock bloke the other weekend, that was pretty good. He spilt beer all over his phone and durries and shit… There’s been so many. I’ve been locked in there plenty of times when barnies have been happening.

Why locked in and not out?

 Locked in, so the cunts outside can’t come in and beat up everyone in the pub! Just bikies and that… Same old Palmy!


You seem to always be finding new pools up that way – what’s your secret?

 We use a thing called Near maps. It’s just like Google-Earth, but there’s a bit more zoom bit better quality. I think it’s used by people in mining, but we got it of a mate who it had already gone through 10 different hands to get to us, and now there’s like 10 of us using the same password. Just me and the Brissy crew – we’re always looking out for them, then sharing it around with each other when we get one. We just skated a new one in Brisbane a few weeks ago actually, then we checked one out on the Sunny Coast too, which wasn’t that good.

 How’s you find that Sugar Mill drop in spot?

 A mate Coca told me about it. One day me and Kirby were driving back from Nimbin and we like ‘Fuck it, let’s go check it’ Jumped a fence and it was good to go.

 It looks pretty brutal…

 Oh, fuck yeah – the first two drop ins, I got served big time!

 Like the sign says, ‘Sugar is Seasonal – Safety is always’

 [Laughs] Exactly!


 “Oh, mate I’d be an asset! A brilliant asset for an alcohol company…”


How many scabs do you have on you at any given time?

 I’d say 5 or 6.

 Enough for a bit of bed sheet tie-dye?

 Yeah, fuknoath.

What’s the most memorable Hoon Run you’ve been on?

The mini 2 day one we did out to Beechmont. It was me, Peewee, Bugs, Pat, TREV and Cuzza. It was just good fun, no hassles and I got to skate Beechmont for the first time. That’s when Bugs snapped his knee.

 Word on the street is that you at one point became too Hoon for Hoon…

 [Laughs] Nah, not that I know of – but I definitely didn’t do nowhere near enough yoga for Cuz.

We’re in a day and age, where beer companies are looking for ambassadors and the like. If you were approached, do you think you would be an asset or a liability for such an organisation?

 Oh, mate I’d be an asset! A brilliant asset for an alcohol company…

In what way?

I’m a huge supporter of beer… I do all of my best skating half pissed!…

 You once said your dream career would to be the guy who gets shot out of a canon – what kind of qualifications do you think would be needed to get the gig?

 Fucked if I know, but it’s gotta be better than tiling for a living.