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Pyramids, nightclubs and the moon landing conspiracy...

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9:06am | Perth, Western Australia

What up Clarky? Sorry to holla so early on a Sunday. Nah it’s cool. Trying to get my new Apple TV working.

Netflix and chill? Yep Netflix and chill for sure. The weather’s meant to be really bad today.

Other than the weather, how’s this weekend treating you? Well, last night I skated in a nightclub. I was skating this mini ramp and there was a strobe light going off and shit! It was hilarious. One of my friends asked me to do it and I was like, all right!

Wow. For a skate thing or a club thing? Nah, it was a full club thing. They hired a mini ramp and just paid a few of us to go there and do a demo for a few hours. We had backstage VIP passes n shit! I got home at like 2am. First time I’ve done something like that before.


How’s engaged life going? Engaged life is real good. It’s been about five or six months now. Pretty crazy!

 And you’ve bought a house now! An engaged homeowner at 27? That’s pretty big time! Yeah 27, shit’s getting real. It’s good man, the good life.

And how’s Dobby, your cat? Yeah he’s doing all right. We haven’t been letting him out though lately. We had this weird tree that had all these holes in it. It was a borer beetle infestation thing that was boreing into the tree and we thought it was termites so we got some exterminators to come sort it out so they sprayed everything so Dobby can’t go out there at the moment.

So it’s cat poison? Yeah I guess so. He used to climb up this tree and get stuck there but that tree completely died so we had to get it chopped down the other day. It was the tree I hung my hammock off so I’m fucken bummed.

 Damn that’s the worst! Yep, anyway enough about me, how have you been?

 (Laughs) I’ve been good thanks! A little bit sick. It’s that Wintery time of year… Indoor Netflix and chill time of year. Maybe the owners of Netflix have created a virus so we spend more time Netflixing? It’s a conspiracy! That makes a lot of sense.


“I think it’s weird how in every religion all the humans are looking up to a shining light up in the sky. Don’t you think that’s weird?”

Have you seen any good conspiracy documentaries lately? I watched a bunch yesterday while I was sick at home. Nah, I haven’t seen any but I’m really keen. You gotta send me the links.

The Moon Landing? Yeah, that’s interesting aye… I think it happened but I don’t see how they filmed it. I reckon they did land on the moon, but I think they filmed the initial landing in a Hollywood basement. I dunno how good the technology was back then but it would’ve been a bit of a stretch to film out there, on the Moon, then transmit it back to Earth. Let alone, on live TV. It would’ve been pretty insane. I dunno…

 These things always end with, “I dunno…” (Laughs) Yep but I actually dunno! That’s what makes it a conspiracy, I guess.

There’s a good doco I watched on Aliens too which I enjoyed. Have you seen the ancient ones on the Pyramids? Those ones are pretty insane. I think it’s weird how in every religion all the humans are looking up to a shining light up in the sky. Don’t you think that’s weird?

Yeah, never really thought of it that way. It would make sense… Not like a God or something, more like an alien creature in the sky. Maybe pretending to be a God?

Does that seem more plausible than an actual God? Way more plausible!

So it’s safe to say you “believe”? I believe!


How’s Red Rooster going? Your favourite family restaurant. Man, I got food poisoning from it the other day!

Wow, betrayal! I couldn’t put anything in my body for like three days cos I’d just vomit it straight back up. Just bed ridden, trying not to die. I honestly felt like I was going to die.

Let’s talk 344 – When did you start filming for this? I think it was originally going to be a solo part and I wanted it to be a 4/NikeSB video, I think. I can’t really remember the details to be honest. It was a few years ago for sure. Before I was even filming for a video part I already had some tricks, which was handy.

How long has the whole project with 344 been running for now? I’m not sure, I think Geoff had about a year or so to finish it but all three of us had footage for the timeline before it officially started. I didn’t really get to film unless I was on trips, so that kinda cut down the amount of time I had to film for it.


You turned it up when you had the chance though! When you came to Melbourne last time you got heaps done. Being injured too. You pretty much had a broken toe at one stage. What’s the drive to keep skating even when you’ve got a blacked out toe? I’d say it’s just the skateboarding addiction. Not being able to help yourself and just keep trying stuff anyway. I think a lot of people are like that. Once you stop you get sore… If you keep skating you don’t get sore. Just skate it out.

I’m sure there’s an appropriate analogy for that… Yep, it’s like if you keep drinking you won’t get a hangover.

Have you ever proven that correct? Nah but Geoff Campbell, who filmed the whole thing does.

What’s it been like working/filming with Geoff during the whole 344 project? It’s great. He’s hilarious. He’s so strong on the opinions that he has, and takes beers out every day no matter what. He’s probably had like four or five beers before he’s even got to a spot and still holds it together so well. I don’t know how he does it.

Would you call beer his medicine or fuel? It’s definitely his fuel, not so much his medicine. Beer never gets in the way of anything he ever does, which is good.


344 features Mike Martin, Casey Foley and yourself. When did you first meet Mike? It was the first ever Nike tour to Perth, which is when I met Middsy (Nike SB TM), Luke (Croker) Mike and Shane (O’neill). I wasn’t on Nike though, but I got on Blank Clothing from that. I also got on Nike a little bit after too. That was maybe about 2005 or something.

What was your perspective on Mike back then? I dunno, same as now I guess; friendly guy with dope style. He was a bit skinnier back then (Laughs). Maybe his beard wasn’t so thick.

And what about Casey? Any early memories about him? I just always remember seeing him whenever I’d go to Melbourne. I haven’t known him for as long as I’ve known Mike. I guess Casey would’ve been in New Zealand when I was skating with Mike. I’ve probably known Casey for about 6 years or so. It’s hard to put a time frame to it.

What memories do you have of Casey back then? Umm, probably the same really; nice guy, dope style. I think he’s slimmed down a bit since then (Laughs).


Would you say nice personality and dope style is important to be on The 4 Skateboard Co.? Yeah, I guess so. Actually Casey got on 4 because of that switch flip in Adelaide from Geoff’s video. The one on flat in that line from the MEGA-MIX PART. Geoff showed me all that footage before it came out in his video and I called Brett (Margaritis) and said, “We gotta get him on”. Brett was like, “Oh cool, yep let’s get him on”.

That’s awesome. And what a good switch flip it is. What’s the go after the video comes out next week? I guess just keep livin’, keep skating, demos at nightclubs (Laughs). Catch up on these conspiracy doco’s and just keep on keepin on.