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Grubby mitts, whale watching and too much gangsta rap...

    Written by
  • Tangles
    Photography by
  • Wade McLaughlin
  • Dave Chami


What’s happening Big Meech?

Right now, we’re playing lawn bowls at the Coorparoo Bowls Club. Celebrating Beacho’s (Andrew Beuchamp’s) birthday and I’m drinking a cold Corona in the sun.

I’ve heard your hands are always dirty? Like, grubby mitts 24/7…

Yep, I can’t argue that one. It’s the curse of being a mechanic – there’s only so much grease you can scrub off, even if you get in there with a scourer. The boys are always having a go at me, like “Dude! Wash your hands!” and I’m like “I’ve already done it 30 times!!!”. All part of being a grease monkey.

Where did your love of BMWs start?

My mum bought a little Beemer, then my mate had one for 11 years, I finally bought it and I’ve been building it ever since. I got in to cars when I was younger. I think it had a lot to do with my Pop. He collected toy cars, he had thousands of them, and when we’d visit him in Sydney I’d play with them and the love just grew from there.

There are a few pro skaters on the Beemer program, right?

Yeah, (Josh) Kalis loves them, he’s got his own car website Ishod Wair is all about them too. Makes me like them even more.

Where’s your nickname ‘Big Meech’ stem from?

There’s this rapper called Big Meech, who’s like some drug kingpin or something. He’s like the Pablo Escobar of rap. A few of my homies on the Gold Coast started calling me Big Meech – and then it just stuck.

You live with Dennis Durrant: that guys not bad on a board – is skating with Denny an inspiration or session killer?

[Laughs] Nah, no session killer, he’s always an inspiration. He just motivates me to learn and progress… He’s always pushing me to go harder and aside from that he’s just the fucking man.

Do you get out on his boat much?

A little bit, but he always goes while I’m working. When I do go out we’re kind of more on the whale watching program rather than the serious fishing trip.

“The boys are always having a go at me, like ‘Dude! Wash your hands!’ and I’m like ‘I’ve already done it 30 times!!!’. All part of being a grease monkey…”

The last few ‘skate events’ I’ve seen you at, you’ve been sipping the Hennessey – where did your love of Henny come from?

Too much Gangsta rap!! It can be an expensive habit. Lucky I work a full-time job, so I can cover it.

Those drinks looked kind of brown… tell me you’re not mixing the good stuff with gut-rot (Coke)?

That’s how I like it, man. I’ll even put a little dash of Jack Daniels in there too, a splash of lime and you’re ready to get real turnt.

Coke and JD in Hennessy! You kids these days!

[Laughs] I’m backing it!

Why does everyone from Brisbane love it unconditionally and everyone who’s not from there calls it a shit hole?

I’m not even from here and I love it.

Well, that kind of kills that theory…

There’s good and bad things, like anywhere, but the weather is amazing all year round. It beats being stuck in Melbourne for the winter, I mean it’s winter up here now and we’re here kicking back in the sun on a glorious day! Mind you, I do love Melbourne and Sydney for the fact you can park in the city and just go skateboarding all day. Here you kind of have to drive to every spot.



You’ve been busy filming for this Adidas part – you stacking clips?

Yeah, it’s going great actually. I’ve done a few trips with the boys, can’t wait to do a few more.

Speaking of the boys: apparently you’re quite well known for your generosity when it comes to throwing down for a box…

I love getting a box for the boys! It’s one of my favourite things of all time, just rocking up to a spot with a box of cold beers. It’s the best. Doesn’t matter whether it’s celebratory or even if it’s been a shit skate, you gotta get a box! The boys love it!