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Buildin' - Fishin' - Skatin'...

    Photography by
  • Wade McLaughlin



What are you up to, this very minute?

Just chipping away. I’m working with Andrew Beacho and building a deck. Well, replacing a deck.

You’re a chippy by trade, right?

Yep, that’s what I do.

 I assume you have pretty early starts?

 We try not to work too hard, but when we have to we will. Like, right now we’re trying to get this deck finished in a week, so we’re going pretty hard. But we try not to make a habit of it. [Laughs]. I live in the city now, so I don’t leave home until around 6, but when I was living in Caboolture, I was leaving the house at 4:30.

 Do you work weekends?

 Nah, never work weekends. They try to get me to do it, but I just say no!

 What would you say your current fishing to skateboarding ratio is?

 Pretty even at the moment, aye… Probably leaning a little more towards fishing. I like to skate at least a few times during the week, but when it comes to the weekends I like to relax. It’s also been Bass season, that starts in spring, so it’s been a good time to chase the Bass as they’re in the creeks and all fired up.

 What’s the appeal of freshwater fishing for you?

 I like that the water is so just so nice and fresh, if you get too hot can just jump right in and have a swim. I just enjoy the experience of seeing all the other nature out there, it’s a beautiful thing.


Do you see comparisons between fishing and skateboarding?

 Hell yeah! Fishing is like trying a trick a million times before you land it.

Yeah, I think you nailed it right there…

You cast 1000 times and then it happens, you finally hook up – and it’s pretty much the exact same feeling.

“Fishing is like trying a trick a million times before you land it. You cast 1000 times and then it happens, you finally hook up – and it’s pretty much the exact same feeling.”


 Can you describe your brother Louie in one word?

 Only one – that’s tricky, can I make heart-of-gold one word?

 Definitely! Is it true he has the voice of an angel?

 Oh, it’s very true, he also has the body of a super-model. He’s seriously the fittest bloke I know. He’s a wild man, never stops that’s for sure.


 You’re a bit of a non-stop human yourself from what I can tell – always have a project or two on the go. Been fixing an old boat up for starters…

 Yeah, that was Dad’s old tinnie that had been in the yard for years. We put like three grand into it and it’s all done and she’s going pretty nice, aye. The paint job was the hardest part and doing the floor and carpet and all that stuff was the fun part. It’s all go now, but we have had a few problems with the old motor – it tends to only start when it wants to – but we have the electric motor on the front which can always save the day.

 What else have I seen you get up to – a bit of skate orientated concreting?

 Oh yeah – I just like trying stuff like that. I was making some slappy curbs and made a mould for some pool coping – it’s just fun stuff to do. I just like to keep busy; I don’t actually know how to sit still.


 What does it take to sit you down?

 If I’m just wrecked. Maybe something like a rolled ankle. That’ll see me sit down and pick up the guitar – but I’ll still keep busy.

 With the skills you have under your belt, would you confident when it came to building your own house?

 Oh yeah, definitely! That’s been the plan since day one. I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years, so you’d want to hope I could anyway. Ideally, I’d love to build a place close to a creek and not far from the beach.

 What are few must have features for a T-Buns dwelling?

 A view and a deck for sure… Actually, my friend Edgar had this great idea of putting an outdoor shitter on the deck [Laughs] You could just sit back and have your coffee and a ciggie in the morning and just look out at the mountains.


Before I let you get back to work, throw some wisdom to the masses…

 Don’t get too stressed, just take it easy and don’t throw your life away for skateboarding. There are so many other things out there – and whatever you do back yourself!