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Couch surfing, snapped limbs and roasted street-birds...

    Written by
  • Henry Harbeck
  • Pedro Day
    Photography by
  • Henry Harbeck

 – – –  GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND 4:00pm – – – 

Henry: What’s up? 

Riley: Nothing much, just got back from school.

You learn anything?

Yeah, I did actually, I learnt how to make Sung choi bao or something like that. It’s pretty much noodles wrapped up in lettuce. Oh, and I watched “Let’s Live” (by Volcom) twice in a row.

That’s a classic.

Yeah it is. I’m embarrassed to say but I had never actually seen it until today, everyone kept hassling me to watch it and I’m really glad I did.

Wait! You hadn’t seen Let’s Live until today?

Yeah, I haven’t seen a lot of videos to be honest, I can’t sit still for too long. (laughs)

You recently had a few tricks in Nike’s “Medley” video, what was it like filming for that?

 Filming for Medley was super fun, I got to skate heaps of cool spots and watch some super crazy shit go down! Those kids are so good.

I hear that you’re about to China, are you excited?

Yeah, I can’t wait! I searched up the area where we are going and apparently there is a crazy market there that sells all types of exotic foods. They have some pretty weird stuff like sheep penis, tuna eyeballs and roasted street birds.

Pedro: Who’s that with?

With Precinct Skate Shop, I’m going with Indi (Russell), Brandon (Keir) and Julian (Lee).

Are there any countries you want to go and skate apart from China?

I wanna go to New Zealand, that place looks really cool!

What have you been working on? Anything in the mix?

Yeah, I’m filming a part with my great friend Harry Pascoe! He’s a great guy! (laughs) And a part with Jim Perry for the Precinct Skate Shop video.

Anyone’s part in that we should be on the lookout for?

Yeah, the boss man, Julian Lee has some got some ridiculous footage.

“I played fullback but had to hang the boots up… Every team got stacked up with huge Maori’s and I would get folded every weekend, that was the end of footy for me.”

Pedro: Do you expect to skate in the Olympics? Represent Australia?

Hahahah, nah mate.

Pedro: But you’re a competition skater, right?

I’m very far from a competition skater. (laughs)

You, me and Harry had a little run in with this crazy guy not too long along ago while trying to get a clip, care to elaborate…

We were skating this hubba, and this crazy dude came and kicked us out, so we packed up and went back to the car. Then he came over, opened your door and ripped you out of the car and ended up getting the cops involved. Then the cops kept coming to my house, for about 2 weeks straight looking for me.

What would you say is a standard weekend for you?

 I’ll usually go skating on Friday night in Surfers.

Pedro: Any scraps in Surfers?

Yeah, seen some hectic fights! Once I saw a junkie get hit by a car! Then on Saturday, I’ll wake up and get the train to Brissy, usually meet up with Harry and Henry. Then on Sunday I’ll usually come back to the Gold Coast and skate with the Precinct guys. That’s about it.

Pedro: You’ve been on a few trips lately, what do you get up to down in Sydney?

I usually stay at Brendan Gardoll’s place and skate with all my friends down there. I always have heaps of fun. Hopefully I can move there when I finish school.

Pedro: Ever been to Melbourne?

Riley: Yeah, I stay at Middsy’s (Chris Middlebrook’s) place.

Pedro: Bit of a couch surfer then. Living that skate rat life?

Riley: Yeah, I guess so.

You’ve had a cast on for a little while, how’d you break your arm?

I broke my arm skating a little curb off a drop. It was dark, I couldn’t really see, and I just fell, put my arm out and it snapped

You recently brought a car, right?

Yeah, I did, I’m actually sitting in it as we speak. Can’t drive it because I don’t have my license, but I can listen to music in it. (laughs)

You used to play a bit of footy when you were younger? What drew you to skating and when did you make the switch?

Yeah I played fullback but had to hang the boots up, if you will. (laughs) Every team got stacked up with huge Maori’s and I would get folded every weekend, that was the end of footy for me.