Hey guys, just wondering if anyone still skates ditches? I mean I love street skating as much as the next guy, but ditches are just the best. SO are there any of you left that are under 30?

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Hi Aaron. Well, 30 is in my rear view mirror, but I still skate a couple of local ditches once in awhile. I'll see if I can post up some video soon.
Fuck yeah we are still here! Been in GA the last few years and haven't been able to (for lack of spots) now that I am back in S.W. OK I go to Lawton every week or two to hit the 11th St. ditch and the one off of 2nd St. as well. Gotta love it. Mostly by myself these days down there. The scene has shrunk, but not gone by any means.
BTW... yeah, I guess I dated myself like the rest of these guys. Ole Skool Rules! Go by a Pig and ride it to death!
okay thanks guys, no offense to you older dudes, but it's nice to skate with people who are the same(ish) age as you. You dig?
No offense taken. Are there any skaters your age who skate ditches where you live?
just a few. Me and two of my buds do. But that's really about it. Other skaters use them to get around town (its a fast way to get across while avoiding major streets).
yeah bro here in abq the streets are way to sketchy to get anywhere on. and every time u turn its up hill. even tho they are signs up cops never check the ditches anyways so its makes getting around about a millon times easier.

p.s i know we r homies i just felt it necessary to let everyone know how our business goes down here.
good call
not sure how to imbed video but like to skate ditches!
that's a sick lil video
Check out Tim's footstraps! He is also one of the best sandboarders I have ever seen.
that was pretty sweet
Ditches are alive and well here in Austin, Tx (Leander). So much development goin on over here that they just pop up everywhere. It's kool how the local kids give them names and they just take off from their. I have one right across from my shop, so at times you can see up to 10 to 15 skaters just tearing it up. Ditches, pits,water drainage or what ever you want to call it are all challenges, so shit yeah we are going to skate them for life.


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