Our illustrious leader, Mr. J. Smith, has invited me to launch a forum on my products (trucks, wheels, boards and completes). I always like to hear from skaters what's good and what's not-so-good about Seismic products, what we're doing right and what we can do better. So, please fire away!

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I have been using the Cambrias on resto/retro riders for some time. Until tunnel came out with the Reissued Rocks, the 3DM wheels were about the only wheel that gave that nice authentic RoadRider and Powerflex shape in a modern urethane compound that really performed in park type terrain. I rode the 94a's in parks and bowls with no penalty in speed. As a one wheel fits all, the 86a's and 90a's worked very well. Fultracks and Cambrias end up looking and feeling very similar to a original RR or powerflex paired up to a midtrack.

It looks like the selection has moved down to the softer compounds primarily. An 86a or 90a clear red Cambria would be real sweet. Not sure if there is a good market, but I would definitely buy some.

My only problem with the Cambrias has been the original LODT pour a couple of years back. My reddish-orange versions (~88a) were not very resilient and quite slow. There were similar issues with some of the early coke bottle green versions of the BDS wheels, according to internet reports.
Here's a press release I just received from Dan at Seismic....

New Hot Spot wheel sizes from Seismic! 63mm and 66mm sizes now available.

Seasons greetings, skaters -

Our 69mm Hot Spot wheels are renowned for high-performance grip-oriented skateboarding. In September, champion racer Michael Dong used them to smash his own World Record in the technically-demanding discipline of CyberSlalom, one of the world's purest tests of wheel performance and carving athleticism.

We're pleased to announce that Hot Spots are now available in two new sizes, 63mm and 66mm! Click the links at left or below to order direct from us at www.geoskate.com. Over the next few weeks, the new Hot Spots should also become available from leading dealers. Photos coming soon.

The 63mm x 45mm Hot Spots are available in 80A translucent orange, 84A translucent sky blue, 88A translucent deep purple, and 92A translucent black "smoke".

The 66mm x 49mm Hot Spots are available in 79A translucent orange, 82A translucent sky blue, 85A translucent deep purple, and 88A translucent black "smoke".

As before, the 69mm x 51mm Hot Spots (pictured below) are available in 78A translucent orange, 81A translucent sky blue, 84A translucent deep purple, and 87A translucent black "smoke".

All Hot Spots are molded in our proprietary "Black Ops" urethane, which delivers a breakthrough combination of grip and rebound.

The complete family of Hot Spots (63mm, 66mm and 69mm) is available for immediate shipment.

For full information on our complete line of trucks, wheels and boards, please visit www.seismicskate.com.
Hi Dan.
I just want to say thank´s for letting us show your completes in the skate-exhibition at the Röhsska museum in Gothenburg.
What a great looking bunch of boards!

Robert Gaisek
It was an honor to be included, Robert, and Kahalani is more to thank than me - They lent you boards from their inventory!

I went to Kahalani in person to give them back and they know I´m greatful.
Anyway.....It was a pleasure to have contact with you and I hope we meet at some slalomcontest around the globe in the future.
Hey, bought the 77 Speed Vents a couple months back in an effort to see what else was out there that I might like. I have replaced my 76 Gumballs with the Speed Vents and am very happy with them. Nice. Looking forward to trying the Seismic trucks next. Thanks, Jon
I used some random pink with yellow core set of 85mm speedvents to skate across New Zealand last year. It was due to them that i got 3 sets of the new black ops wheels when they firts came out. The 85mm purple Speedvents have become the wheel of choice for long-distance skates having been used for skates acorss

China by Rob

South America by Paul and Aaron

The UK

and Orkney/Sheltand/Highlands of scotland by Laura

a pretty damn good number of miles.

Thanks for sharing, Nat!


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