In this day and age, free thinking is again becoming prevalent. The Tea party...
With that said, there is a movement towards customized skateboards, particularly long boards.

In your opinion: would you prefer to just pick something off the rack,and buy 1 of 15,000 decks, or find a place where your board could be set up completely custom, starting with a hand shaped deck, graphics, etc. , start to finish?

....and pay about the same as the well known quality name brand

Your comments, please.

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Hey Mike!

Here´s the link to the Woody Promo Video...


And let us know what you think!
Since I can´t see the link here it is again...
dudes and Anne: beautiful video. One of the best I've seen. Can you have Peter send me a dvd copy, for USA format? I still ride my rr classic, and venturi!
I talked to the guys from skateflu and they said it should be no problem and that the guys at rollsrolls have your contact... so things should work out!
yes is nice to see one of my decks on international Tv. This was filmed in may for Startgate Universe. u can see one of my decks left side of the car!!
I shape custom longboards from selected hardwoods check out I have been a dedicated surfer/ skater since 1966. My boards are unique. I can shape any size you want, style and shape. I ship worldwide. Thanks for looking.
I have been looking around the "GOOGLENET" and there are many builders out there creating absolute pieces of art! it takes some digging on google to find these guys. The problem is many of there websites are very primitive and confusing at best. It would be great to have a site where all "Indy" board builders could show there stuff and sell there boards. Trying to get boards to a skateshop is hopeless. 

There is a place, check it out...

Envision Skate Collective

Tell 'em Jack sent you!



this is all fine and dandy, fuzzy and feel goody. Small board builders cannot afford to give away 50% . I started a collective years ago, and the issues I had was not enough commitment. I had builders from all across the US, some have gone on to real success. I am a great head hunter, and would be glad to start another. The concept is simple: We all share web site, and advertising costs, nothing else. Those not splitting monthly pre-arranged costs are simply dropped, and another takes his/her place. Interested? You know where I am...

Mike, I think you should talk to Peter at Envision...I think his deal is different.





Just wanted to clear up: the builders are not giving away 50% - they receive their normal wholesale price for each board that goes through the store.  Envision Skate Collective is the one giving away 50%, based on monthly net profits.



that's fine. I cannot afford to wholesale my hard work. If I did mass production, that would be different. Don't mean to sound like a $#!+ head, but it is what it is. In order to give up the 50% on Envision's end, they either have deep pockets to begin with, or mark up the boards. Or the builder lowers his shop price.....I need to know details. I have started  collectives before, using a simple principal of shared expense for web site, and advertising costs. Problem is getting people to commit.


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