Am I the only one on earth that wants Gullwing to start making the SL2002 trucks again? Was it the fact that they didn't turn very well? I would love to see those come back but with improve turning (like Bennett trucks)

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The SL2002 trucks has to many problems.  

The pivot cup being to big for the original 70's style pivot.

There where problems with the king pin snapping.

The metal plate just will not fit on the base plate right.

It did not turn well because of these problems.

It is a good looking truck but that is it.



Actually the simple mods I made have worked a treat and my SL2002 trucks turn on a dime.

In the end all I did was to grind down the pivots to centralise them and inserted a 'grommet' into the pivot cup so the pivots were then not loose. 

Then I changed the bushings for Venom SHR Sea Foam 88A high cone bushings. I got these basically because the colour is as near as you can get to the originals. I had, in fact, given up on the trucks working well and just wanted them to look good. But these beauties made all the difference! I use flat washers rather than cup shaped ones to stop them making contact with the hanger, painted the hangars a flat gold (again similar to the originals and a big improvement on the ugly shiny black on the SL2002s), and now they look great and, amazingly, work really well!

One reason why the venom bushings work well is beacause they are a little narrower than other bushings and sit well inside the hangar (Oh, I also had polished down the bushing seats so that the bushings could sit flat - the castings on the SL2002s are shockingly bad!). I have got a pair of original HPG IVs now, but the narrower venoms do not fill the bushing seats on these hangars, allowing the hangars to slip a little from side to side before turning - you can't win them all! A shame as these 'sea greens' would look fantastic on the originals.


All the grinding etc took less than a couple of hours - so well worth it. And the trucks look good (By the way, I don't use the base plate, which is unnecessary if you aren't going  to ollie them / land from a height). Certainly they look better than some of the mega wedged / crazy bushing combinations out there!


I'll add a pic soon.


Thanks for the info and I would love to see a picture. I removed the black finish from mine and that alone actually makes them look better.
See the pics below - I'll also add some of my HPGIV's

Gullwing SL2002.

The white you can see around the pivot is just a bit of teflon tape. It stops any squeaking and makes the fit ultra snug.


......... so now they work well and look a lot better than standard.

I have kept the base plates silver to avoid trying to make them look just like copis of the HPGIV trucks. Also the silver stands out better against the oak bottom ply of the deck I am making for them.

And the original HPGIV's:

The bushings are Reflex. Not as beautiful as the original mint greens but work much better (anyway my original bushings were perished).
Excellent looking trucks with the repaint job and new bushings. I will try switching out the bushings and give them a try!

I switched out the bushings with large Cone Bushings and it did make a positive difference.



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