Tell us why you deserve the Loaded Ceviche in fifty words or less. Winner will be announced on December 20th.

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Posted By Buggs
My first longboard of the "modern" era was a Loaded Fish, which I rode every day for a year until it delaminated.

So it seems not only fitting but deserving that the replacement for Loaded's Fish should also be the replacement for my Fish.

Posted By k-shizz
I think I deserve the Ceviche because I have Explored all sorts of Longboarding from DH to dancing, but I have never gotten a chance to skate something like the ceviche. I would love to try this board and learn and advance my skill as much as possible. I also love to cook and would be increadibly greatful to be given the chance to see and cook the recipe. besides all that, I love making videos so I would make one specifically for the Ceviche and everyones viewing pleasure! Thanks for the offer Jack and Loaded!
i deserve the Ceviche because its my birthday on the 20th!

I think I deserve the Ceviche because my current longboard is so old when I hit 30 mph I go back to the 80's...

and it makes me bleed.....

i hate when that happens
I've been longboarding whenever possible for the past 2 years or so. I also live in the cold, harsh state of wisconsin, and as much as I love snowboarding, i have a hard time not skating for such long periods of time as wisconsin's winters. generally, someone can loan me a longboard, but it would be great to have my own for whenever, as my last is broken.
I'd like to have the Ceviche for my daughter, because she loves longboarding. She's been riding a park board for some time, but always wanted a longboard so she could cruise. She's a great kid and deserves it, plus she could cruise with her dad. Thanks Loaded and Jack.
The reason I deserve the Loaded Cerviche? I don't. Would I like to have it? Yes, I would. Why? Because it's new and with a second child due in March there's no skateboard money for a long time.


just dont name him/her after a food dish
I don't deserve the Ceviche.....actually had to go to the top of the page to find out how to spell it.... Never longboarded... probably never will. Looks fun... If I ever do try, might have to hike up the life insurance policy a bit. Good luck to all in the contest.

6 months ago, I had no idea skating would become such a big part of my life. Longboarding has given me a passion, and I will continue to do it my whole life. I have tried so many disciplines of skating, and I love them all. I think a board like the Ceviche would give me an amazing way to progress my skating and open my eyes to brand-new sources of stoke.
If I don’t get the Ceviche, then I will have to go out and buy a raw fish. Have you tried to skateboard on a raw fish? It’s gnarly!
Thats Hi-5 worthy.


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