I've never worn them... but when I started skateboarding again I was told I'd want to get some... I'm curious about them...

Do they simply support and stabilize the wrist? Or do they absorb any percentage of the blow? I can see how the 'palm' piece would help keep gravel bits out of the palm... which I never remembered hurting as a kid but as a 45 year old is simply amazingly painful...

My query is because earlier this summer I broke my radius right up near the 'head' of the bone in the elbow region. It was a compression fracture from when I put my hand down trying to keep my face from kissing concrete (didn't work!). The absorbed force sort of broke the head off the bone right up near the end...

I'm curious if the wrist guard would have absorbed much of that sort of impact? Or would it simply have beefed up the wrist area even more, transferring even more of the impact 'downline'? Personally I'm thinking a wrist guard wouldn't help that much as there really isn't much padding between you and the pavement.

I'm open minded and willing to be wrong! Any knowledgable replies welcome.

Thanks, Dan

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wear them if your wrist hurt easy..... i wait till i've jammed it to wear mine. ALSO take the piece of plastic out of the back it give you more flex wich is better. trust me it is. the palm piece is the key to protecting the wrist....
I've got a broken wrist right now. Broke it @ the Outlaw skate jam. I let my guard down, took off my wrist guards and went to "warmup" for the hybrid slalom race. I took a hard fall and broke my radius in 3 places @ the wrist.
I'm pretty sure if I had my wrist guards, with the plastic splint mentioned above, on at the time... I would not be typing with a cast right now!
Wrist guards represent no road rash on the palms for me...my recent encounter would have gone much better if I would have had full gear on you can see my pics on my profile...no elbow pads left me realing for days. But as far as wrist guards go I am a fan and am going to pick up some. I could hardly grip things because of the road rash this last time...took a couple fo days to get back to my norm.

Pads save on hospital bills no matter how u look at it.

I wear them. I had an old set of leather Rectors I replaced with the pro-designed. I've heard people say they can cause a more serious arm injury by transferring the stress to the arm but I think that's crap. I did try putting mine over gloves a couple weeks ago, that made my wrist stiff and when falling it kinda hurt, so perhaps people with that impression have them too tight.
Anyhow, wearing wrist guards helps for sure. knowing how to fall and having that instinct of absorbing impact really helps also. I fell down a lot as a teenager racing BMX and remember developing an instinct for it. If you've ever been to skydiving classes and learned how to hit the ground with a "PLF" you know what I'm talking about, that instinct and wrist guard combined will help you.
Pro-Designed are the only wrist guards I will wear. Doing a lot of Berts, it still takes a looooong time to wear out Pro-Designed splints on the wrist guard. Other brands, I can go through a splint in two weeks. Plus, occasionally falling onto the Pro-Designed wrist guards-- I find there is much less pain than the other brands.

If you do a lot of Berts or wrist plants, consider placing some duct tape over the material where the top of the bottom side splint goes into the guard. The material will last much longer with regular duct taping. Wild Bill at Pro Designed suggested I try putting Shoe Goo on that area, which I will try soon.


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