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13 years of gold from an Australasian all-timer...

    Written by
  • Sean Holland
    Photography by
  • Thomas Robinson
    Videography by
  • Dan Kircher

It only seems like yesterday… Actually that is as much of a lie as it is a cliché’. It would be more accurate to say it feels like an eternity ago that my Nokia 5110 buzzed annoyingly on the piece of plywood I called my desk.

It was May 2006, and we were well and truly in the deep end of what was to become issue #01. As for the phone call, that was photographer and friend Dave Chami. Dave was one of the first people to jump ship from the existing corporate magazines and take the gamble of joining our team of miscreants. And by team, I refer to Jack Tarlinton, yours truly and whoever happened to be behind the bar at the Shakespeare that night.

Amongst other things, the phone call involved him proposing an interview with a young bloke fresh off a plane from Wellington. His name was Glenn Wignall. The name rang a bell from occasional photos I’d seen in Manual magazine and more recently a stand out part in Dan Kircher’s Forays video. The issue was already loaded with content including a mega-sized article about the 25 most influential Australian skateboarders and a major interview with a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed amateur called Lewis Marnell. In other words, scoring what were fast becoming precious pages, let alone a full-blown feature would be no walk in the park.

As the countdown to deadline neared closer, Dave and Glenn’s combined determination saw them conjure up what I still consider a stand out interview, even by today’s standards. Glenn had well and truly come through with the goods.

Fast-forward 10 years and I find myself in the Grifter Brewery, where Glenn is now the part owner and head brewer. As he pours me one of his latest creations I mention the ten-year anniversary issue is also brewing. I suggest a bit of a ‘where are they now’ style article, at the mere mention of this, his eyes light up with the same enthusiasm they had all those years ago… And once again, a decade on, the fuse is lit.

Following on from his issue#37 interview we are proud to present ‘Reelin’ In The Years.’

A movie capturing Glenn’s amazing contribution to Australasian skateboarding.