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The guys behind the counter hit the streets of Melbourne with Adidas

Featuring: Fast Times, Street Machine and Geelong Skateshop

    Photography by
  • Dave Chami
    Videography by
  • Leigh Bolton
  • Nathan Tonkin

It’s one thing to work in a shop and sell the shoes that sponsored guys get given for free: But what if you could literally be IN their shoes for a day. Well, that’s exactly what Adidas Australia set out to make happen. Shop assistants/skaters from Melbourne retailers Fast Times, Street Machine and Geelong skateshop were invited on a mission for a day that could best be described as a Willy Wonka experience. Free shoes, free boards and then jumping in the van and hitting the streets for the day with the likes of Dennis Durrant, Gabriel Summers, LP Nuku and Morgan Campbell. On top of that Dave Chami and Leigh Bolton were there to capture the action…