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International Good Dude Day | Season opener

Old bones, cold beer... Good times!

    Photography by
  • Jason Morey

International Good Dude Day (I.G.D.D) is an institution founded all the way back in 2006. Back then, the original squad was made up of slightly nimbler, less hairy gentleman that celebrated the first Friday of Day Light Savings every year with a session at Melbourne’s Prahran skate park. As anyone who has weathered a Melbourne winter whilst holding down a full-time job knows, Day Light Savings comes as an absolute sun drenched blessing. (Even though the haters claim the extra hour of sunlight fades their curtains) This year, as the many before it saw a gathering of the old and always welcome new faces. It also saw the presentation of I.G.D.D lifer and top shelf Good Dude Niddy’s bro-model… As per usual as the sun set the festivities continued on to the local watering hole ‘The Yellow Bird‘ – a place that welcomes and tolerates the Good Dudes and all they embody with open arms, extra kegs and mops at the ready. Here’s to the arrival of Day Light Savings and long live the good times!!!

“My dream is that a husband and wife drive past that billboard, and she turns to him and says ‘Sorry darl, I didn’t realise it was International Good Dude Day! ‘ Then wishes him a happy Good Dude day!…”