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Palm trees, sun, sand and SOTYs....


In the late 90s to mid 2000s Darren Kirby frequently had a camera pointed at him.

He was all over Australian magazines, be it interviews, covers or numerous ads rocking questionable outfits. For the most part  it was Andrew Mapstone and Dave Adair that were doing the camera pointing. He quietly studied what they were doing: where they took the shot, positioned the flashes and what lenses they were using. Years later, he left Melbourne and headed north to the sunshine and silicone of the Gold Coast – he claims it was for work, I believe it was more to fulfil his dreams of drinking watery beer, and eating chicken wings under his own palm tree. Soon after the move, he picked up a camera of his own and started shooting with the local crew. It’s no secret spots are pretty few and far between in this neck of the woods – but the crew make do with the ample local parks and are always down to get their hands dirty with some DIY. While the street spots aren’t in abundance the talented skateboarders are – and lucky for them, Kirby is always happy to leave that palm tree in his back yard, (albeit briefly) and get on the mission.

He is probably the last person who would ever claim to be a photographer, but he excels in the medium, even outside of skateboarding, shooting local landscapes, portraits, bands and surfing. He is even known to make people cry with how amazing he can make their wedding day look. He likes compliments almost as much as hugs – so at the risk of him setting his dog on me – I’ll chill on the fluffy stuff and let you get a glimpse in to the wonderful, sandy world of Darren Kirby.