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An exceptional human known for filming and photographing skateboarding's greatest...

    Photography by
  • Kyle Camarillo

“I first met Kyle on a Krux tour to Shanghai in 2005 (I was shooting photos and he was filming), he had just finished making the enjoi video ‘Bag of Suck’ with Matt Eversole and gave me a sneak preview of it before it came out, obviously I was blown away, here was one of the best skate vids I’d ever seen made by a young guy I’d never heard of. I moved to SF soon afterwards and Kyle and I became good friends, often skating together and working on different projects. His first attempts at photography were right on the money and he basically pioneered a new role in skate media being able to film and shoot photos both at the highest level. He took on a role at LRG a few years later producing all their video content including the full length 1947 video and every single monthly print ad, along with countless editorial photos, he even shot the covers of both Thrasher and Transworld in the same month. There are not many people who could pull all of that off, fuck there actually isn’t anyone that I know of who could pull all of that off! Kyle is one of a kind, talented and hard working, creative with a wry sense of humour, and an awesome travel partner. See you back in Shanghai later this year mate!!!”

– Dave Chami

Main Image: Tommy Sandoval, Backside 360, Madrid 2015.