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“Visceral with banale urgency..."

From the outside Low Life is simply a band from Sydney, but to me & so many others they are much much more then that…

here is what my good friend Darrell’s take on them is:


Visceral with banale urgency, staccatic in rhythm, dead & burning on the water
of the disparate 00’s Sydney punk scene. Constantly showing neither a desire to arrive nor leave,
but never looking to stay. Like a rabid dog at an obituary, low life have more or less been the soundtrack of a decade
of decay in this city. But like an eel in the Cooks River, their dogged sound continues to move against the current, 
through the mud and beneath the surface, & the light that does find its way through the water reflects
from their skin; unnerving, uninviting & unwelcome, but brilliantly present as a dull & constant luster.”
I have been a huge fan of Low Life for many years now, so to not only have the opportunity to work with the band,
but also listen to new tracks they have been working on was seriously a proper fan boy moment for me hehehe.
Pass~Port was lucky enough to choose a couple of new Low Life tracks from their forthcoming album & produce this clip.
Their new album comes out early 2021, keep your ears & eyes pealed.


Sam Sutton, Jack O’Grady, Callum Paul, Dean Palmer, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Jason Rainbird, Bernie Foo, Glenn Wignall & many more familiar faces.