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Pass~Port X Leunig

Limited release available now!!

Butterfly Piss, Bum Telescope & Bum Boobs.
Limited deck series by Michael Leunig.
Michael Leunig, still somewhat of an enigma, even in relation to this collaboration with Pass~Port.
Leunig has given his blessing for these three original drawings to be used for the limited series 🙂
I never thought that we would be working with one of the world’s most respected cartoonist, a serious honour, to say the least.
Callum Paul, who first thought of the idea, would see Leunig walking the streets of Fitzroy from time to time, it made total sense to approach him with the idea.
Micheal Leunig’s career as an artist, political cartoonist & social activist has spanned well over 40 years now.
In 1999 he was declared a national living treasure by the National Trust.
“Cartoonists are sometimes guided by an instinct that compels them to be humorous in the midst of great seriousness and
profoundly serious when all around them people are laughing and being frivolous.” – Michael Leunig
Available to purchase in skateboard stores worldwide & online at