CarbonFiber Axe Decks -- Ultimate Series at SK8KINGS

Five New Models in the new Axe Ultimate Series -- Carbon Fiber, Concave, Kick = Ultimate Reaction Axe Decks

First on the scene -- the AXE II and AXE III . . .

AXE Ultimate Series - Decks

The AXE Ultimate Deck Series features:
All new construction of carbon fiber and micro-lam wood cores -- for a killer snap back reaction
Offered in two flex patterns -- Medium & Stiff
Dual front wheel wells
Multiple wheelbases
New Ultimate graphics
Decks sold seperately or as customized completes

And now the Kramer
Skully have arrived!

Ultimate Series Dekcs by SK8KINGS

Kramer Ultimate Top View Kramer

Brown Bomber Top View Bomber

Skully Top View Skully

Decks & Completes Shipping Now.

Axe Ultimate Series Carbon Fiber Racing Decks

Check out all the new gear recently added to the Sk8Kings Store

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Comment by Pierre Hazera on June 5, 2009 at 12:52am
sweet I want one
are you coming to Grenoble this year?

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