What a great time at Slalom St. Louis. The hosts were great. Thanks so much to The Goad Family, Michelle and Chris, JBH, Ben, and all the rest for making this contest a great event. It was great to meet some new boys who love the cones as well. 

The highlights of my trip were, City Museum Ferris Wheel and big slide, Primus, The Gateway Arch, skateboard racing, skateboard jewelry souvenirs made by Goad's friends, the beautiful park setting in which we had the race. The food made by Mary and Jeff was delicious, Pavel Skateboards donated some beer.  There was so many good things that happened last weekend. St Louis was very kind to we Skateboard Women. I received $100 for coming in 2nd Place in the weekends' Hybrid and Tight Slalom. My first money for skateboarding ever! A personal best completion of a course ever, 90 Cones Straight Tight Neat. 

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