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Behind the scenes of Harry Pascoe's upcoming full-length video...

    Photography by
  • Henry Harbeck

Table Manners is a Brisbane based full-length video by filmer Harry Pascoe.

The video has full parts from Riley Pavey, Sam Larkins, Jett Stanton, James Cleary, Liam Quinn, and Karl Bayldon with friend montages featuring Brisbane heavy hitters and up and comers alike, including Tommy Fynn, Dennis Durrant, Mike Lawry, Andrew Beauchamp, Mitch Morrison, Joel Wilshere, Austin Pascoe, Indi Russell, Chase Jaeger and many more…
Filming for the video has taken place over the last year, with a few trips to seemingly strange destinations such as Toowoomba and Lismore all with the intention of getting tricks on unique and under-appreciated spots. This has led some of the boys into some pretty interesting situations like getting arrested or 10 of us crammed into a tiny 6 bed caravan in a park with a strong Trailer Park Boys vibe.

The video premieres on 6/12/19 at CUPO, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.


 Enjoy the video promo and photos below for a taste of what is to come.