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Celebrating skateboarding, craft beer and the life of Trent Riley

    Photography by
  • Darren Kirby
  • Troy Archer

  Once again, the Burleigh Brewing crew didn’t hold back when it came to throwing one hell of an EVENING celebrating skateboarding, craft beer and the life of Trent Riley.

After the success of the event in 2019, Keg Jump looked to be locked in as one of Australian skateboarding’s favourite competition destinations. Seriously; obstacles set up on a brewery production floor, plenty of cash up for grabs (beer for a year also has a nice ring to it) and a perfect excuse to jump a flight to the sunny Gold Coast while the rest of the country buckles down for winter… C’mon – Moths to a flame!

While that ‘formidable foe’, Captain Covid crashed the 2020 party – this year promised to be bigger and better than ever… Alas, only weeks away from Keg Jump 2021 that cheeky bastard started knocking on the back door yet again (little did we know he’d end up throwing a grenade through the front door of the entire country a week later) – with 20 of Australia’s best skaters ready to head north – restrictions saw both the attendance of competitors and the event itself in limbo – but these Burleigh brewing folks don’t mess around. The tickets had sold out in record time and as far as competitors, turns out the Sunshine State has more than enough talent to keep this train well and truly rolling, and keep it rolling they did.

 Before the huck-fest over the kegs, a best trick jam on both the ledge and over the pallet of slabs went down. The best tricks amid the mayhem were rewarded with envelopes containing $100 and a voucher for a box of Burleigh Brewing’s finest. 20 of these in total were handed out with some crew walking away with a handful of them.

In the lead up to the event, Trent Bonham was the official ‘artist in residence’ and the walls of the tap-house were graced with a selection of his impressive board collection . >> CLICK HERE << – to check it out in more detail.

In keeping with the generous nature of the night, and celebrating the life of Trent Riley, everyone took a moment to watch John Greene’s T-Buns tribute video and reflect on the amazing human that touched the lives of so many people in attendance. Burleigh Brewing CEO Peta also matched the initial cash prizes donating $4000 directly to the Riley family. Trent’s brother Shannon spoke about how the money will be invested in the creation of a safety tracking watch to keep people safer out on the water. Much love to the Riley family!

Finally, the main event:  The name-sake of this entire evening: THE KEG JUMP! This truly is a battle of attrition. Bodies and limbs flailing in an attempt to take home the grand prize of $2000 and a carton of beer for every month of the year.

This year saw Dani Campbell and Nixen Osbourne both clearing 11 kegs (matching Sam Atkins 2019 record) and sharing both victory, the prize purse and the coveted GOLDEN GROWLER!… and wouldn’t you know it – in what was fast becoming the theme for the night, Burleigh boss lady Peta stepped up yet again  – declaring that while Dani and Nixen may have shared victory, they weren’t going to have to share the rewards. Peta declared they would both go home with $2000 and both score their well-deserved 12 cartons of beer!

Big shout out to all the skaters and everyone involved behind the scenes – see you next year!