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Lovesick, the fear and cheap piss...


 MELBOURNE – 4:35pm


What are you up to Max?

 Just waiting for it to cool down, then go skate.

How did living in Melbourne during one of the worlds harshest lockdowns treat you?

 I fucking loved it. Honestly, in a lot of ways it was good for me. I was still working part time and I still skated nearly every day. I also religiously went spot hunting, so that when the time came, we could go and skate everything ruthlessly.

 I imagine there were some happy lads when it all ended. Combined with summer kicking in I assume the daily sessions and plenty of boxes of cheap piss are in full effect?

 Yep, everyone is keen for it! It was so good to be able to get back in to that. It’s funny though, I still have the fear, even though it’s mellower now. I still look around, carry masks and there’s still this sense that you’re doing something wrong.

 It seemed like IMAX was the lockdown hotspot…

 Oh, it was fucking mental there. The ledges were all going and it just felt like a safe place. The cops didn’t really care, but anywhere else in the city they were pretty off it, so yeah, IMAX was the place to be. Now that it’s opened up, all the ledges are capped again and it’s pretty fucked.

You recently had your Lovesick Skateboards video part ‘I FOUND LOVE’ come out on Thrasher; how did you get involved with those guys?

Well, I was board sponsorless for a while and I didnt want to make any rash decisions, I just wanted to make the right move so I waited until there was something I was in to. I’ve always been a fan of their videos and then ‘These Blues’ came out, and I’m a huge Logan Taylor fan, and Alek’s (Lewandowski) editing, so I hit them up.

 And they were down…

Yeah, I originally got O’Meally to ask Jordan for Logan’s info to ask Alek where I could send my stuff and talk to them.


“I still have the fear. even though it’s mellower now, I still look around, carry masks and there’s still this sense that you’re doing something wrong.”

You were sitting on quite a bit of footage too right?

 Yeah, shit tonnes. I’d just been filming for a while hoping to put together a good part and it just so happened the timing came around with this and it worked out perfect. I also went over to the States to finish it up.

 And you were happy with the end result?

 Yeah, really happy. I think it’s the best part I’ve put out and that was my goal. I like his editing, music taste so yeah, I was stoked.


I have a vague memory of you being a Nickelback fan, or maybe someone was just playing it once in your presence… Regardless, are you a fan?

 Jaw rock is mental, but no, I’m not a Nickelback fan. I am a fan of ironically funny stuff…. Like telling people I like U2 to make them angry.

 That’ll do it. How long has it been since you been back home to NZ?

February, on a RVCA trip. I’m looking forward to getting back there as soon as I can; skate trip, visit family all that stuff as soon as possible.

Christmas is less than a few weeks away, what are a few things you would put on your Santa wish list?

A Boeing 737, a box of Tecate

I do like the price range variation you’ve got going there…

Yeah, 3 million and 46 bucks. That’s probably it… World peace? [Laughs] Nah, I’d be happy with anything.