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Dennis Durrant: Still going – Still got it

"On a good day, I definitely feel like I still have the same pop I had when I was younger."

    Photography by
  • Darren Kirby

Yeah, so many people hit me up and were super hyped on it.

That’s gotta feel nice?

It feels even better when you’re my age [37] just to know you’re still doin’ alright.

A lot of the commentary has been that it’s almost 20 years since your part in Circa’s ‘It’s Time’. It’s cool to see after almost 2 decades people still hold it in such high regard. Would you consider that was like your breakout part?

I’d had parts before that, but as far as on an international level I guess it was. I did have a little part in the Popwar teaser video, but the Circa one seems to be what everyone remembers. I’m not saying people don’t remember my other shit, but it’s definitely what people always say to me, I always get ‘Oh, Circa –  It’s Time!’, which always kind of surprises me that people are still stoked on it, let alone they still remember it. I was thinking about it the other day, and remembered it was one of the first videos that came out free with magazines and stuff. This was before Youtube and everything too – so that’s how they really got it out there, I reckon that has a lot to do with how many people saw it back then. Can you remember how much videos or DVDs were back then?

They weren’t cheap…

I feel like some of them were like $80, but I guess they didn’t come out very often, so you’d get hyped up enough to save your money and buy it… or just wait for someone to give you a copy of the dubbed version of the dubbed version.

It depends, some memories are like ‘That feels like so long ago’ but for the most part a lot of it seems like it was only yesterday. When ‘It’s Time’ came out, that was such an exciting time for me, everything was so fresh, travelling to and from the States – that whole era was just really exciting for me – travelling, going on tours, it was kind of living the dream of what most skaters would want to be able to do. Fast forward to now, I have 2 kids, I work most days of the week, not quite full time, because I’m still skating and trying to make some sort of a living from that.

What’s the secret man? Let us in on how you stay hyped, let alone keep your pop after all these years.

Water, drink lots of water [Laughs] nah, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s just the fuckin’ Asian legs… But, I still feel good, I don’t feel good every day, but on a good day, I definitely feel like I still have the same pop I had when I was younger.

What about staying motivated?

That’s something that’s definitely changed over the years, there are lot more elements I have to deal with now, like the kids and working – but in a way that helps, because when I do skate I’m extra hyped. I think it all comes down to your mind state, it’s so easy to say, ‘Nah, I’m just gonna chill’ but in other ways it’s just as easy to say ‘Yeah, let’s do it’ – that being said, it definitely helps to have hyped people around you. Having Tommy (Fynn) up here now, makes it so easy to stay hyped.

You guys were definitely on the program all summer, you must be stoked to have him living back in Brisbane?

100% – I am still pretty motivated myself, but to have someone as motivated as Tommy around makes a huge difference. I mean, it’s one thing to go skate with the boys, which can sometimes just mean sitting around doing a little bit of skating and drinking beers, but other times it makes all the difference having someone who is just keen to go out and handle business.


Yeah, that’s the best thing in my part! [Laughs] For a while there he was coming out quite a bit. It’s not that easy to take him along if it’s just me and a filmer sort of thing, but if the crew is there, they can hang out with him and he can mess around with them it makes it way easier.

How old is he now, and what’s his take on skateboarding?

He’s 3 and a half. He loves it! I think it will be something he really gets in to in a few years, but right now it’s not something I’m going to push on him, if he wants to just come out and play with his cars, I’m more than cool with that.

Thankyou. Yeah, pro again… I’m back on the pro circuit [Laughs]. I’m hyped, really stoked, aye. I just got back from Melbourne, which was a Poolroom trip to go and surprise Nathan (Jackson) with his pro board – I already knew about mine, so I didn’t want to take away from the surprise of his board, and it was the first time the whole team has gotten together, so it was sick.

Seeing how gobsmacked he was when he walked in to the backyard and all of you were there, It was amazing to see how many crew, including yourself made it down from Queensland.

I actually didn’t realise that many people were going to be there, I just thought it might be the team and a few friends. So, to see so many people there was really cool. That was a fun night.

Let’s get back to your shine, (Sorry Nate Mate) tell me about your board.

The Brown Snake!  The brown snake thing is based off the Brisbane River being called the Brown Snake… People know about that right?

Yeah, I think it’s pretty well known. 

And then there’s a bit of a tribute to the ole’ Caballero board as well. Sammy (Winter) actually did the graphic, he just said ‘What do you think of this?’ and I was instantly hyped on it.

Well, I was kidding about the water, but I’m sure it helps… There is actually something I always do to warm up. I always try and find something kind of high to ollie over. Doesn’t matter what it is, but if you’re at the spot and you can find something like that and just ollie over it a few times, I find it makes it so much difference to felling like you can get up on tricks on higher ledges and stuff. It also just helps you maintain, just knowing you can get the pop. So, yeah, I really think that’s the best way to warm up your legs and get them in to gear… Well, it works for me anyway.

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