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A night with The Skate Authentic

Curbside Clubhouse, Melbourne

    Photography by
  • Wade McLaughlin
    Videography by
  • Tony Woodward
  • Jon Fitzgerald

Vans introduces all-new Skate Classics.  Timeless silhouettes receive upgraded design and construction

Built specifically for skateboarding , The Vans Skate Authentic is all style on the outside & extra tough on the inside.

To confirm this it only made sense to get everyone together and really put The Skate Authentic to the test.  So on March 5th Vans Australia team riders, friends & local skate stores got together at Curbside Clubhouse  for an epic Friday night full of non-stop skating, pizza and beer thanks to Young Henrys

Tama Ramps (@tama_ramps) built a new street inspired obstacle with a classic Melbourne street hydrant and interchangeable pole jams, along with mini ramp which kept the session flowing all night.