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Veggie burgers and flying first class... Grown up things.

    Photography by
  • Andrew Mapstone
  • Charlie Nunez



What are you up to Mitch?

I’m on St Kilda Road waiting for Sam (Atkins) and James (James) to show up and go skating. I got back from the States not too long ago. Skated a heap with all the Slave dudes in Oceanside which was pretty sweet. It’s good down there. I went over with a couple of mates from down here – Connor, Sakazi and some other homies Marcus and Kane. We were there for just over a month. We got an AirBnB and rental car and just did our own thing. It was dope rocking up and having those things sorted.

All grown up style!

For sure, trying to be. Definitely made things easier. It was a pretty big crew from Australia and some of the dudes that came over had never met my friends over there so didn’t wanna drop a fuck load of dudes on them when we turned up (laughs). It was good to have our own space and do whatever we wanted to on our own time.


Any memorable incidents from the trip?

This trip was pretty tame actually.

Sticking to the grown-up theme?

Sorta. A few things that weren’t grown up, but yeah. Skated everyday and made sure the body was feeling good everyday.

Not on the cheap/delicious Mexican food down there?

Nah I can’t do that. Trying to eat healthy and stuff.

On the Brunswick health program?

Yeah I’m actually on the V-program

Vegan!! I’m surprised you didn’t start the interview announcing that! (laughs)

Yeah I know, as soon as you said the health thing I was like, fuck, once you start eating vegan you sorta just have to tell people…


“As soon as you said the health thing I was like, fuck, once you start eating vegan you sorta just have to tell people…”


I won’t hold it against you… That’s great. How long have you been vegan?

Pretty much since I’ve been back from the States. My girlfriend started doing it, so I thought I’d do it too. Living together makes it easier if all the food in the house is a part of the same diet. So I was just like, fuck it, I’ll do it too. I can already feel the difference, it’s pretty crazy. Different energy levels. I’m pretty shit at it though. We just buy vegan chicken schnitzels and vegan burgers and stuff.

A different kind of fast food.

Yeah I guess it’s better for you. We’ve had friends over for dinner and cooked them up some vegan burgers and they were real into it. Plus if you’ve got a good sauce to put in there you’re good to go.

How’s home life? Still living in Brunswick?

Yep, same place for the last 2.5yrs living with my girlfriend.

She works for an airline doesn’t she?

Yep, Virgin, she’s a flight attendant. It’s pretty dope. I get hooked up pretty insane.


What sort of flight hook ups we talkin?

Domestic flights are so cheap and the international flights are ridiculous too. Pretty stoked on that. I guess the way it works is she has a priority list and you’re put on standby at the airport so your flights aren’t 100% locked in but it usually works out fine. There have been a few when the plane’s packed out and you almost don’t get a seat but it’s always worked out good in the end. If you’re overseas and don’t get a seat you’d have to wait until the next day or sort something else out with another flight. It’s pretty sweet though.

Sounds well worth the ‘gamble’. Had any first class upgrades?

I had a first class ticket to the States one time. They set up a bed for me and the TV’s are massive and just real dope food, it’s pretty nuts. It ruins every other flight though, if I’m in economy I’m like, ‘this sucks’ (laughs). It’s insane how some people live, flying first class everywhere.

Win some, lose some. Any other trips planned for the rest of the year?

I’m going back to the States in October for Sam’s (Atkins) birthday. Going to skate and also head to Vegas for a long weekend or something.

Trying to do ‘The Hangover Pt.4’?

You know it! Nah, keep it mellow. It’s Sam’s 21st so pretty exciting. Will probably do a month there.

Maybe you could hook up some first class tickets to Vegas for the birthday boy?

That would be fucked… That’s just asking for it to be a big one (laughs). I’ll see what I can do.