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Clock in – Sam Larkins

Basketball scholarships, square rail hate and working on 'Don't Front'...

    Photography by
  • Henry Harbeck



Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you living at the moment?

I’m 20 and living in north Brissy.

Where abouts do you usually skate?

Mainly Bracken Ridge and Rampy (RampAttak)

And who do you skate with?

Anyone who’s down really. Mainly Manny Kovacs, (Mike) Lawry – dudes a beast, the homies Alex Dougall and Will Conescu.  All the boys that I film or shoot photos with; Ronny (Aaron Brown), Henry (Harbeck), Ricco (Caiulo), Harry (Pascoe) and Patty G. That’s a lot of peeps, but don’t wanna leave any of the homies out (laughs).

Who hooks it up for you?

I’m getting flowed Folklore and just recently got on Fast Times. Thanks for hookin’ it up everyone involved.

What do you drive?

Got a BMW e46.

Music you bump?

Mostly rap, a lot of A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg and Migos too. Pretty down on whatever’s going though.

You and your boys just released a new VX1 Video. Tell us about that.

Yeah, it’s called ‘Don’t Front’. Ronny filmed it all, real amped on how it turned out. Everyone pushed super hard for the vid, Riley (Pavey), Josh (Minter) and Brent (White) fucking killed it.

And are you guys working on anything new?

Yeah got a couple things in the works with Ronny and Harry should be sick to see how it turns out.

What you do on weekends?

A standard weekend usually starts at Bracken on Friday arvo. Then I’ll link up with whoever’s out on Saturday morning around 9 at Paddo and go skate the streets. The same shit happens on Sunday too (laughs).

Some of the boys had a little run in not long ago – tell us about that?

Yeah, (laughs) just recently actually. A few of us were out at a spot and sure enough, we got the boot from the cops. We were about to leave and turns out there was a warrant out for Harry, Henry and Aaron’s arrest and they were wanted for questioning. We all thought this was priceless because we didn’t know why. Turns out it was for uncapping another spot on the Goldy. So, the boys got put in the back of the paddy wagon and we just waited at the spot because they drove and we couldn’t go anywhere. Later on, we see the cop car coming back to the spot and we were all super hyped they were back. Then the cop just hopped out of the car and said, “so who’s this” and showed us a photo of Josh. He got arrested too (laughs). The cops took their time with the boys, but they got back to the spot a few hours later. Bunch of criminals (laughs).


Sounds hectic mate! I heard you love square rails. What’s the best thing about square rails?

Nothing. Square rails suck

 What’s the week life hustle?

Just work at the park (RampAttak). It’s pretty mellow.

What’s this I hear about you being a basketball scholar?

Yeah Wayno, my old man hooked it up with the good genes. I got a basketball scholarship through high school.

Do you still shred the court?

Hahah damn, not really to be honest. That shit is hard. Three balls (pointers) are real hard (laughs).

You chose skateboarding over basketball. Why was that?

Yeah, just kind of started liking skating way more. I still like basketball, but I’d always be at training or at at a game when all I wanted to do was be at the skatepark (laughs). You don’t have to go to a set team training at a certain time and rock up to games. In skating you can just go skate whenever you feel like it.

Word to that. What’s your top 5 favourite things about skateboarding?

Chilling with the homies

Learning new tricks

Travelling – haven’t done a whole bunch of that but it’s always good

Battling a trick then getting the roll away

Perfect spots

Top 5 worst things about skateboarding?

Cracks at spots

Downhill run up

Short run up

Sanding grip down

Square rails (laughs) – they ain’t safe

Any thanks or mentions?

Patty G – cheers for hooking it up. Bruvva Ceej and Mappy, also thanks for hooking it up. Henry Harbeck for shooting all these photos. The Armagh St crew, Taylor Cleverly, Brenton Hawkins and the homie Joey Ellison. Mum and Dad too.